Modern Furniture, with Rustic Charm

New passions or inspirations come upon us in their own time – often while our life is going in one direction but something tells us another way might be better. If we listen, if we let the inspiration flow; it can be amazing what happen to us. We start on a new path, not sure of where we might be going but somehow knowing passion, excitement and accomplishment will be part of our future.

Tim Cahill, founder of inDistressed, a custom hand built furniture company, enjoyed a successful career as a personal trainer – dedicated to working with his clients, helping them reach their peak physical potential. But one day his fiancée wanted a desk, really a small home office. And Tim said “Sure, why not?” So he built her a complete office suite of furniture. And she loved it, her friends loved it, her clients loved it and Tim found he loved building furniture!

And so it began. A new passion developed in Tim, a passion to work with wood, to build with his hands. He knew he wanted to conceive, design and build unique custom pieces of furniture. He wanted to use different types of wood – simply stained or highly distressed. He found he loved the interplay between wood and various metals – shiny and crisp or rusted and scarred. He found a talent, long hidden but ready to emerge.

Tim continued to refine his designs. He took classes, learning more about the characteristics of the woods he uses and the elements of the metals and glass he incorporates in his design. He consulted with fellow woodworkers and furniture builders and interviewed interior designers. He learned about the trends in the furniture market place, not to follow the crowd but to be able to better serve his clients with his design style

Tim’s passion and inDistressed’s goal is to build customizable furniture in a modern style, integrating rustic or distressed elements to enhance the design. Each piece unique and hand built to the highest standards of design and workmanship. Whether it is a piece from his established product lines or a unique design developed in collaboration with a client it will be a standout in your home.